Mountain House tests

General observations
Store pepper (whole, in mini-grinders) & bouillon cubes.
Extend some products by adding more bulk vegetables and/or meat.
Food tastes different to kids.  "They'll eat it or they'll starve" only works if you have earplugs.
My vegetable tests often rely on canned butter (which I keep in a deep freeze) & salt.

0 to 5 +'s, with 0 being inedible/really bad and 5 +'s as good.
I don't plan on buying anything rated less than ++ for storage.
The minimum I would buy to take backpacking is +++.

Corn +++++

Very good, almost as good as vacuum-packed canned.  Add to Pasta Primavera?

Seafood Chowder ++++

Very good.  Lots of clams.  Reconstituted a little longer.  Use pepper.

Raspberry Crumble ++++

OK. Kids will like, I had to stop myself from eating it all.  It's just a
raspberry sauce/pie filling topped with crushed cookie crumbs.  Would be
good with ice cream.

Scrambled Eggs w/ Ham ++++


Blueberry Cheesecake ++++

More of a cheesecake-flavored custard with blueberry sauce.  A little
too sweet, but still good. Making the sauce with less water would help
to thicken it (maybe the custard too).

Oriental Style Spicy Chicken ++++

Good, spicy (compared to others), kids won't like.

Granola w/ Blueberries & Milk ++++

A little sweet, but much better than I was expecting.

Garden Green Peas +++

Good, maybe needed to be soaked longer than in the directions.  Had
mine with canned butter & salt, might not be as good without. Could
be used to extend other dishes like Pasta Primavera.

Long Grain & Wild Rice Pilaf +++

Good, but not much flavor.  Maybe reconstitute with a bullion cube.

Pasta Primavera +++

Good, reminded me of chicken-a-la-king (real, not MH) with pasta. 

Spaghetti w/Meat Sauce +++

Not bad, kids will like. Reconstituted a little soupy, maybe less water would
help. Pepper helped a lot. Could easily add more ground beef.

Scrambled Eggs w/ Bacon +++

Not bad, very pronounced bacon flavor.  Helpful to have colander/strainer
available to make.  Canned might be better than bagged as the bagged got
crushed up. 

Noodles & Chicken +++

This would only rate ++ without ground pepper!  Better than I was expecting, fresh-tasting chicken and
a substantial sauce, noodle quality & texture were good for rehydrated.  Absolutely must have pepper.

Chicken A La King w/ Noodles ++ 1/2

Good, but not much like chicken a la king, more of a chicken & noodles.  Not a lot of flavor,
pepper helps.  The Noodles & Chicken is very similar but better.

Beef Teriyaki ++ 1/2

Not bad, a tiny bit spicy.  Even had some water chestnuts in it.  Maybe a tad to much water,
soupy & rice texture was poor.

Sweet & Sour Pork w/Rice ++ 1/2

Not too bad, pork texture wasn't so great, had real pineapple chunks, I reduced the
water 1/8 cup which seemed to help the sauce & rice texture (but maybe hurt the
pork).  Kids might eat this as it's not spicy but sweet.

Beef Stroganoff ++ 1/2

Not awful.  Certainly not as good as "easy mac" style instant beef stroganoff, but
not too much worse.  Pretty bland, kids might eat it.  Much better with pepper.  Adding
more beef might help.

Macaroni & Cheese ++

Not awful. Bland, not good consistency.

Rice & Chicken +

Nothing offensive, just not very good.  It's just a minute rice made with
chicken stock (adding an bullion cube might help) with a tiny bit of
chicken.  Seemed like more of a side dish than a main dish.  Kids will eat it.

Turkey Tetrazzini +

Pasta Primavara sauce with spaghetti & asparagus but not as good. 

Chicken Stew +

Better than the Beef Stew, but still not good or much of a stew.  More of a potato
soup, lets call it that.  The fresh peas in it are a nice touch but can't save it. 

Beef Stew +

More of a beef hash. It's possible that more water (I made it according to
directions) would make it more stew-like.   Not good, but edible.

Chili Mac +

It's chili with a small amount of elbow macaroni added.  Strongly flavored,
kids won't like it (unless they really like chili).  Edible.

Chicken Teriyaki

Awful, chicken wasn't good either.

Lasagna w/Meat Sauce

Blech, sort of a lasagna soup.  Not good.

Still need to try:

Vegetable Stew w/Beef
Green Beans
Cottage Cheese
White Rice (only in cans)
Diced Chicken (only in cans)
Diced Beef (only in cans)
Ground Beef (only in cans)
Pilot Bread (only in cans)
Sliced Bananas (only in cans)
Sliced Strawberries (only in cans)

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